My Intentions

*To serve god by carrying out divine will through my words, actions, thoughts and feelings

*To be present with each person I touch in the way that is right for their healing and the greater good of all beings.

*to meet all resistance with love and compassion

Why I chose this Career Path:

In February of 2004 I took the Upledger Institute's course Introduction to CranioSacral Therapy and it felt like coming home. This event was like a path opening in front of me which I immediately knew I would take. I felt so at home in the energy of this work and the principles that are its basis that I sought a way to enable me to practice it. I chose massage school.

I found Oregon School of Massage to be outstanding and I thoroughly appreciate each instructor and course that I experienced there without exception. I appreciate everything I learned from my instructors and my studies about muscles, bones, massage and therapeutic techniques and their application. However I am even more grateful for the life lessons that came with the journey of learning more about who I am and coming into a deeper understanding of my path and purpose in the world. I am grateful for the journey of learning to support people through touch.